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ANNUAL CHILDREN'S TALENT SHOWS for child artists are held at the Kalakar Theatre, Saidula-jaab, Mehrauli near Qutub Minar, New Delhi. The annual talent show is held each year in November.

-Any volunteers interested in facilitating the show are welcome.

PREVIOUS SHOWS: Major shows organised by the Kalakar Trust in co-operation with the artists have included:

  • "Kalakar Ekta" April, 1996 at the Delhi Flying Club
  • "Tamasha" September, 1996 at the Delhi Flying Club
  • "Rang Rangilo Rajasthan" September 1997 at the Delhi Flying Club
  • "Gypsy Caravan Music Festival" September 1999 at the Habitat Centre, French Embassy and the American School in New Delhi (fusion show with 13 students from the Conservatoire de Cannes, France).
  • "Mallakhamb: A Show of Acrobatic Martial Arts from Maharashtra" (May 2000) -- performed before an appreciative audience of 1100 persons. For more information contact the Kalakar Trust or Shree Smartha Vyayam Mandir, Kale Guruji Marg, Gokhale Road (North), Dadar, Mumbai-400 028, India
  • “Drum Se” September, 2002 at the India Habitat Centre, American Embassy School & Manav Sthali School.
  • “Music & Tap Dance Show” September, 2004 at Kamani Auditorium.
  • -“Jashan”at Kamani Auditorium.